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BayWISS-Kolleg Ressource Efficiency and Materials www.baywiss.de

building blocks of the future BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership Ressource Efficiency and Materials

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An innovative joint university initiative: research and doctoral projects in the area of mobility and transport

The BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership “Efficiency and Materials” brings together researchers from higher education institutions across Bavaria and provides a strong platform for developing synergies. Our vibrant network, mentoring and financial support help outstanding graduates, especially from Universities of Applied Sciences, develop into top young researchers. Their ideas pave the way for sustainable mobility solutions of the future.

Our current topics:

  • Energy efficient and sustainable planning and building
  • Building physics
  • Materials Science (ceramic, metal materials, polymeres, wood, etc.)
  • Ressource efficient processing of materials
  • Biotechnology, Biosensoric, and Biomechanics
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Experimental Physics, Plasma Physics, Laser Technology and Photonics
  • Engineering and Process Technology
  • General Sciences and Microsystems Technology

Nachrichten aus dem Kolleg

Jahresbericht des Fachforums Verbundpromotion 2019 ist online

Mitglieder des Kollegs

Munich University of Applied Sciences, University of Bayreuth, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences are the founding university; University of Bayreuth acts as lead university.


Jahresbericht des Fachforums Verbundpromotion 2019 ist online

Der Jahresbericht 2019 ist online!


Get in touch. We look forward to your questions and ideas for our Joint Academic Partnership Ressource Efficiency and Materials.

Christian Gadelmeier

Christian Gadelmeier

Koordinator BayWISS-Verbundkolleg Ressourceneffizienz und Werkstoffe

Universität Bayreuth
Lehrstuhl Metallische Werkstoffe

Prof.-Rüdiger-Bormann-Str. 1

95447 Bayreuth

Telephone: +49 92155 6612